Here we are, inside the Carpano vermouth factory in Piazza Castello Turin, at lunchtime. While discussing the growth of certain shares, whose price has risen by one and a half points, a stockbroker orders his usual Carpano, but with the addition of half a dose of chinona:

he says in the local dialect as he places his order. A myth is born.

The newly invented aperitif becomes an immediate success, so much so that regular customers wishing to order it devise a simple gesture

a raised thumb (Punt), followed by an extended hand tracing a horizontal line in the air (Mes).

In the sixties, in the midst of an economic boom, Carpano decided to renew the image of Punt e Mes and for this purpose engaged Armando Testa. The Turin-born creative talent encapsulated its essence in his brilliant minimalist style: a sphere with a half-sphere positioned beneath it come to symbolise the harmonious equilibrium between vermouth and chinona,

an iconic logo that still identifies product communications today.

“Punt e Mes… Appuntamento YES!”. From the late fifties and into the seventies, Carosello brought TV commercials into the homes of millions of Italian families. Thanks to a series of commercials defined by an extremely catchy jingle, soon to become a

Punt e Mes became the aperitif “of the house” for an entire generation.